Some Favorite Things

I will admit to you that it does get harder by the week, but I remain a determined optimist about our city, our country, and our people.

All have flaws and do bring their disappointments, but good people are working on the problems. (Well, the current White House seems a big exception, and so is how the Senate so caves, yet even on these Washington fronts I find myself lately whispering ‘Hurry, Election Day.’ So it’s not like there’s no fixing it. Just don’t get me started about Greenland.)

More immediately, from my reading over the past couple of evenings I am reminded of these very good things that are currently worth noting:

The state legislature meets tomorrow and will elect a new Speaker of the House, putting a period at the end of the Casada regime.

The aforementioned Tennessee legislature will only be meeting for one day. God is good.

Grandchildren: The creatures who bring us hope. (I didn’t read that anywhere. I just know it. Don’t get me started.)

In Nashville, early voting begins tomorrow (Friday, August 23). God willing, it will be our last election for mayor for awhile.

The weather: I know, but I looked at a 10-day forecast this morning. It promises that next week the highs will be getting lower. I’m going with that.

Metro Council this week re-named the street in front of Vandy’s Memorial Gym. It’s now called “Perry Wallace Way” which is a fine thing. I like that.

Last night I read how the Land Trust of Tennessee has turned 20 years old. Definitely a good thing. My continuing thanks to Phil Bredesen, who organized the Land Trust three years before he became Governor.

Where I read that was in an exceptional magazine called “Tennessee Home & Farm” which the Tennessee Farm Bureau publishes for its members. Beautifully done mag. I always learn something, sometimes a lot. Kudos to the publisher.

Councilman Freddie O’Connell’s constituent newsletter: I have looked forward to his notes for four years on every first and third Tuesday prior to Council meetings.

Freddie has also been re-elected. I hope he continues his newsletter for four more years.

Voter registration among high school students seems to be showing good progress. I’m hopeful this will translate into more Election Day participation by young people. I always vote, but the future belongs more to them than me.

Did I say, Grandchildren? Grandkids are cool.

What are you grateful for?