My Conversation with the Speaker, Part 1

One week from Friday, the Tennessee House of Representatives will elect a new Speaker. This action will, among other things, put a more complete coda to what we might later call the “Speaker Casada Phase” - you remember, the one who flamed out after just six months of arrogant, top-down rule.

The new Speaker will be state Rep. Cameron Sexton from Crossville. He comes from a long distinguished line of center-right Republican leaders, including the Bakers and the Duncans of the Knoxville region. And, next weekend, he inherits the mantle of a long line of honorable men and one woman - Tennesseans named Jenkins and McWherter and Naifeh and Harwell - who have served with distinction through many years of trial and change.

Last Tuesday morning I had an opportunity to sit with Cameron Sexton, and talk with him at length, and take his measure as he becomes one of the three top leaders of Tennessee’s state government.

My newspaper column this weekend is about him, his temperament, and thoughts on the job he will shortly take on. I hope you’ll give it a read (at and on Sunday in the print edition. Do let me know what you think.

Rep. Cameron Sexton

Rep. Cameron Sexton