Count Us All

Just a short post this morning, to ask your help with a timely research project…

I’m working on a new piece about an upcoming sequence of important events. These may seem distant now but will, in fact, have much to do with our democracy in America over the coming decade. It will happen like this:

Step 1: The 2020 US Census

Step 2: Reapportionment by the Legislature in 2021

Step 3: New Congressional Districts for 2022

Especially Step 1 is of immediate significance now. There has been much controversy about the government’s approach to this next Census. In many states, officials are concerned that there be full participation in the 2020 count that will commence just 12 weeks from now. (In Georgia, for instance, there is a movement underway to ensure that African-Americans are not undercounted.)

The Census – which occurs only once a decade – affects everything from your representation in Congress to the allocation of federal funding for schools and law enforcement to planning by the private sector that drives the placement of new plants and jobs.

My questions for now are these:

A.   What do you remember from the last Census, in 2010?

B.   Did you personally participate in the Census in 2010?

C.   Do you know anyone who was NOT counted in 2010?

You can respond in the ‘Comments’ here on this page, or via direct email to me at If you can connect me with specific individuals relative to Question C (for interview purposes) please email me privately.

Thanks for your consideration.