Author and newspaper columnist, Keel Hunt is a keen observer of political change. Based in Nashville at the crossroads of southern tradition and modern transition.

Crossing the Aisle

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CROSSING THE AISLE offers striking examples of bipartisan cooperation on many policy fronts—and a mode of governing that provides lessons for America in this frustrating era of partisan stalemate. This is truly a book for all Americans.

The Coup

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COUP is the story of the extraordinary 1979 ouster of Tennessee’s Governor Ray Blanton by senior leaders of his own political party. Based on 163 interviews, it’s the story of one fateful day when unlikely collaborators came together from opposite sides of the political aisle.

First Drafts

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Keel’s ‘First Drafts’ cover a lot of ground, ranging from his published newspaper columns to his ‘Field Notes’ which are more frequent posts that may become larger works about our civic life.

Author and columnist Keel Hunt tells how bipartisanship brought Tennessee to the 21st Century and could SAVE AMERICA.

Want to know modern Tennessee? Order Keel Hunt’s engrossing new book about the continuity politics that has defined the state for 40 years. Engrossing stuff on the Blanton scandal, Lamar, Ned Ray, Bredesen, the Memphis and Nashville jockeying for the NFL, etc.
— Jonathan Martin, Reporter for The New York Times