Author and columnist Keel Hunt tells how bipartisanship brought Tennessee to the 21st Century and could SAVE AMERICA.

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The Book

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Crossing the Aisle offers striking examples of bipartisan cooperation on many policy fronts—and a mode of governing that provides lessons for America in this frustrating era of partisan stalemate.

The Author

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Keel Hunt is a columnist for the USA Today Network in Tennessee. He has been a reporter, editor, Washington correspondent, and editorial writer.


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Read the book and then dive deeper through conversations with the author to get engaged and support a strategy to urge politicians to cross the aisle.

“Anyone interested in creating jobs, building communities, solving problems, and moving forward with what Franklin Roosevelt once called ‘strong and active faith’ will find Hunt’s thoughtful explanation of the Tennessee story both illuminating and even inspirational.”
- Jon Meacham, Presidential Historian

An “engrossing new book”
-Jonathan Martin, The New York Times