Keel Hunt is a regular columnist for The Tennessean and the USA Today Network, and the author of two books. His latest, “Crossing the Aisle: How Bipartisanship Brought Tennessee to the 21st Century and Could Save America,” is available now.

Jonathan Martin Tweet December 2018

The New York Times Reporter Jonathan Martin that Crossing the Aisle is THE Resource for Modern Tennessee Politics.

Thanks for the shout-out from Jonathan Martin of The New York Times who had this to say about Crossing the Aisle: “Want to know modern Tennessee? Order Keel Hunt’s engrossing new book about the continuity politics that has defined the state for 40 years. Engrossing stuff on the Blanton scandal, Lamar, Ned Ray, Bredesen, the Memphis and Nashville jockeying for the NFL, etc.”

Martins’s story about this year’s U.S. Senate race underscores just what’s at stake in this year’s election cycle. A great deal of the history he highlights in the NYT article is elaborated more fully in the book, Crossing the Aisle.

[READ MARTIN’S FULL ARTICLE in The New York Times: “A Changing Tennessee Weighs a Moderate or Conservative for Senate]

Mike Nelson, Fulmer Professor of political science at Rhodes College and political analyst for WMC-TV in Memphis:

‘Hunt calls the period covered in “Crossing the Aisle” the “In-Between Time”, by which he means the quarter-century of Tennessee history between 1978 and 2002 marked by genuine two-party competition- and, even more important, across-the-aisle cooperation between the mostly center-right leaders of both parties.’


David Plazas from The Tennessean sits down with Keel at Nashville Public Library talking politics, civility, and TN history of not so long ago with David Plazas and a great audience.